Hot tub and gym policy

Hot tub policy

This should be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions. Guests must not use the hot tub facilities in any circumstances if you have not signed a disclaimer.

No alcohol to be consumed while in the hot tub.

The safety of our guests is paramount and drinking alcohol in a hot tub can be highly dangerous. You blood vessels dilate in a hot tub, which in turn will cause your bloody pressure to rise. Alcohol will get into your blood stream faster and causing it to have a greater effect than normal.

Mixing alcohol with the heat of the tub can cause dehydration and possible heat exhaustion. Please make sure you exit the tub immediately if you feel light headed, dizzy, nauseous, faint, fatigued, or notice extreme sweating, a headache, or a rapid heartbeat.


Our hot tubs require daily testing and chemical treatment to ensure the safety of our guests.
You may have a member of the team ask to run checks on the water through the day, this is normal practice and nothing to be concerned about.
At the end of each day our tubs are emptied for a deep clean, to ensure they are perfect for use the next day.

We will demonstrate to our guests how to access the hot tub, remove the cover and operate the jets and lights. If you are unsure, please do ask a member of the team to assist.

The cover must always be replaced when not in use to maintain the temperature and ensure safety at all times.


All guests must ensure they have showered before using the hot tubs. This is to ensure the removal of moisturisers, perfumes and any lotions which will affect the water clarity and chemical balances, ensuring a pleasant experience for all of our guests. We would advise to shower after use too.

Please make sure that you do not wear fake tan, make up or lotions in the hot tub. If you are wearing fake tan this must be removed before use. This can cause significant damage to the tub filtration system and can cause it to be un operational.

Please take care when getting in and out of the hot tub. Do not run on the tiles or decking when exiting the hot tub to avoid potential slip hazards.

No food or drink in the hot tubs. Drinks can be consumed around the hot tub area. When consuming drinks please do so with care and do not spill drinks into the water. Glass should not be taken into the hot tub under any circumstances, however should any glass be broken in the tub then immediately vacate the tub then turn the jets off if they are running. Please report this to staff so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible.

No smoking in the hot tub.

Make sure all users know where the main isolator power switch is in case you need to power off in an emergency. Do not use this to turn the hot tub off or power off unnecessarily as this will stop the heater from working and the tub will cool down.

Do not walk, stand or sit on the hot tub covers. This is both for your safety and to ensure no damage to the cover itself.

Do not use the hot tub if you have skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores or wounds. At no point should the hot tub be used if you suffer from the above. This could cause the spread of infection, irritate your condition further and contaminate the hot tub facility.

Do not use the hot tub continuously for more than 1 hours at a time. This is first and foremost not good for your health and, secondly, running the pumps and leaving the lid open for longer will result in temperature loss and deterioration of water quality. Recommended guidelines suggest that you should use a hot tub for 15 to 30 minutes at a time with a maximum of 45 minutes at any one time.

Do not immerse your head underwater.

Do not use the hot tub in high winds this will be a safety hazard.

If the hot tub is not in use then the cover should be closed, leaving the cover open for prolonged periods will reduce the hot tub temperature and therefore ruin your enjoyment.

Hot tub health warnings

No children under the age of 16 may use the hot tub.

Do not leave children unattended in or near the tub even when the lid is closed.

Do not use the tub if you are unwell, have low or high blood pressure, are pregnant, sensitive to chlorine or have any open wounds. If you have any doubts ask your doctor before booking

Hot tub damages and breakages

Any damages to the lid, vinyl cover, lifting system, controls or filtration will be charged accordingly.

In the case of mis-use and/or not following the guidelines set out above which result in the hot tub facility having to be shut down due to contamination, chemical in-balance, damage etc will be charged accordingly.

Any maintenance required as a result of introduction of pollutants (including soap, shampoo etc) will incur a charge.

Any charges incurred will be fully detailed and photograph evidence provided and sent by email and letter.

You use the hot tub at your own risk.
We cannot be held responsible for your safety whilst you are using the hot tub.
You will be held responsible for any damage.

Charges for damages

Empty and clean and refill hot tub: £60

Damages will be charges at cost plus labour at £15 per hour.

Gym rules

  • It is imperative that all guests watch our induction video before entering the gym. You will find a link to this in the welcome pack. This is for your own safety.
  • Please ensure hands are sanitised upon entry of the gym. Please wipe down all equipment after use, using the sanitise station provided.
  • Do not enter the gym if you are displaying any symptoms of covid 19.
  • If you have any health conditions, high blood pressure or heart disease, please consult your GP before use of the equipment.
  • Do not operate the machinery or use any gym equipment under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or any other substance which could affect your ability to exercise safely.
  • To avoid trip hazards, please do not leave bags or clothing on the gym floor.
  • If you are unsure how to operate any of the machinery, please watch back the tutorial or speak to a member of the team.
  • Please note there is CCTV in operation for your safety. There will always be a member of team available on site should you need assistance – please use emergency contact number on the posters.
  • Do not drink directly from the water dispensers, please use these to fill a cup / bottle.
  • Do not misuse the weight provided by dropping them on the floor. Please also ensure all weights are returned to the correct place after use to avoid trip hazards, this ensures a safe and more enjoyable environment for all guests.
  • You must not behave in an aggressive, abusive, anti-social or threatening manner to any staff or guests. Doing so will result in you being asked to leave the park immediately and we reserve the right to contact the police should it be deemed necessary.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the gym, this includes the use of E-Cigarettes.

Our team of holiday home experts are at hand to answer any question you have about ownership or staycations at one of our beautiful parks.

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